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Hello, there~ Welcome to my profile!

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Gay as hell

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Chris' Box of Sap

You put your arms around me and I'm home~

-----------Typed 11-26-2012------------
Hallo there, this is DareWeBelieve.
What am I doing on Sephiria/Seph/Vera/Mary's page? Well, I want to tell you a little story about this beautiful girl who goes by the names I previously mentioned. From here on out though, I’ll be calling her by the name I know, Vera. 
Vera, where could I even begin? How about the literal beginning?
You see, I first met Vera on May 26th of this year. Our friend Christina, ( AislingPeryton ) helped us meet. At the time, we were both going through relationship issues, at the time, we didn’t know what we were in for..
We didn’t speak again until August 27th, where, even though it killed me, I gave her relationship advice. Why did it kill me? See, when Christina had first told me about Vera, I had an immediate drawing to her. “You two are so similar, I swear you are just like her”, she would say, continuing on to tell me just how similar we were. I took interest. When we spoke that first time, I was excited as I could be. Without knowing it, I already developed a crush.
Throughout the rest of that summer, I had heard of things that happened between Vera and her friends. Throughout the rest of that summer, my mind rarely strayed from the thought of the beautiful girl I caught merely a glimpse of that one spring night. Many a times I would type out a message to send to her, only to delete it, I thought I would be bugging her, annoying her. It was a long summer.
A week and a half after school began, I added her on Skype. We began talking and my feelings grew stronger. I saw just what I wonderful girl she was. She had just been through a hard summer, full of a confusing web of lies, insecurities, loss of friends, loss of blood…
She was down, but she wasn’t out. Holding herself just barely from getting tossed over the edge, she continued forward, at a slow pace, but moving onward just the same. She had reconnected with her old friends, things were piecing back together, and they were figuring things out.
She had been in relationships that were not right, she was afraid, she couldn’t turn anyone down, and she didn’t want to hurt anyone…in the end, that’s all that happened. Now she has enemies who will never see how much she has seen the error of what she did, they’ll never see how she changed or how far she has come…
Moving on, when I met her again, she was with someone. They just had their 2 Month. I can’t tell you how much my heart throbbed when I heard that, I didn’t fully understand why, I didn’t completely realize that I liked her..  One month later(September 16th)… she talked to me as I had a panic attack, she sang to me, she spoke calmly to me, but most importantly in my eyes she was there for me.( [9/16/2012 1:10:10 AM] Vera: -Hugs tightly- I promise you that... I'm here, and that's where I'm staying...)
I honestly could go on, I could give you all logs of what we’ve spoken about, I could tell you word for word things that she has told me, that would take up her whole page..she would also probably kill me for putting that all over the internet.
She’s told me everything of her past, embarrassing things, what happened over the summer, horrible things that she has done, what goes through her mind, what she goes through, how she thinks, what makes her act certain ways, she let her walls come down for me, yeah, ME of all people. This girl, she goes through so much, she has a lot of drama in her life, has a lot of issues in her life. She still continues to reach out.
Her view on herself is honestly, so bad some days. I had wondered constantly, as I watched her struggle onward, how she has stayed living….until I realized, she stayed living because she doesn’t give up. She never gives up. She is one strong ass mother fucker who don’t take no for an answer. No matter what, she picked herself up. When, in her eyes, it looked like she couldn’t anymore, I was there for her. Yes, it may be vain for me to say that, but I was there for her to hold on to. I was her steady hand, she allowed me to be the hand that held her when she was broken. She is putting herself back together, onto the right path this time.
We have spoken every single day since September 9th. Talking to someone even every other day for almost 3 months will let you get to know them even a tad bit.
Now imagine both of you feel absolutely comfortable with the other, almost completely unguarded…we know each other inside and out…we literally are the same person. Our pasts, personalities, actions, everything, they are all identical. Opposites attract? I believe this is a stronger attraction. 
I may only be 17(“and a half” the inner child whispers), so many say that I don’t know what love is. You may be right, most 17 year olds think they are in love when they really aren’t. Listen in on a call with us, read what we say to each other, listen to how we speak with each other. You may find something.  Now, after you have done that, listen to the way we can calm each other down.
Here is a real kicker though. Let me tell you a bit about myself, I’m not used to saying anything about me, about how I feel at the moment or in general. If I’m hurting, I have a hard time expressing it. “Other people are more important.”, “They might be going through something, or could be.” Or, “Well..they’re in a happy mood, I don’t want to ruin it.”. I’m always thinking that. Vera? She’s helped me with that. She knows JUST how to break my walls. I’m great at hiding things, definitely. She has picked up some of my little habits though; she uses what she knows and goes with it. She’s figured out how to get me to speak to her, how to get things out of me.
She’s always here for me, as well as other people. No matter what you’ve done to her, she’ll always give you another chance, ALWAYS. Someone who has hurt her so much, she reaches out to them, even though she gets hurt. Even if you’ve trampled all over her 5 bazillion times, she would still smile at you and say, “That’s okay, I know you’re not really like that, I did something wrong, I’m sorry let’s try again?”. Let’s be honest, half of the people she goes back to, they don’t deserve the time of day from her. She still gives it to them.  As I said, her view of herself is horrid sometimes, but she can look at the world and sees colour. In her darkest times, she will still give you the time of day. No matter who you are.
Lyrics and music are her existence, she uses them for every little detail.
I fell in love with Vera Pinard. She is the one I know will be mine forever. You can tell me shit about her, about how she used to be, horrible things she did. All I’m going to say is, “She may have done that, everything she has done, and she has told me. She doesn’t hide anything about it from me. But I trust her, I trust the girl I fell in love with; she has changed, and I have seen it happen.” And one day, I will ask this girl to marry me. She will no longer be Vera Pinard. She will be my Vera Finney. I love her. No matter what she does, she has my heart and it’s hers to keep.
Vera, I love you, with all of me. 
You know that I give you my everything, even if you don't want it. 
I'll never be able to express just how much I love you, but I know that we have many years ahead of us that allow me to attempt to, and heaven forbid, I'm going to do just that.
I love you, baby, always remember that.
I'm here for you even in the darkest of times, just open your eyes and my hand will be right there.

And Verily So.



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Art by the ever fantastic candlefox and suohii!!

:iconpastelstar1plz::iconpastelstar2plz:Copyright Statement 2 by Sophibelle:iconpastelstar2plz::iconpastelstar3plz:


painfulVeracity has started a donation pool!
524 / 2,396
Shut up and give me your money. Donations are accepted with happiness, many thank-you's, llamas, and hugs ;u; I really, really, REALLY want to keep this premium membership. Youhavenoidea.

:iconpointcommissionsopen: :icontradesask: :iconcollabsfriendsonly: :iconrequestfriendsonly: :icongiftsfriendsonly: :iconkiribansonhold:

:bulletred:Sketches are 100 points just cos they're easy. (Just a basic idea of a pose and such)
:bulletorange:Lineart is 500 points.
:bulletyellow:Flat colour is 575 points.
:bulletgreen:Shaded is 700 points.

:bulletblue:Flat colour is 1500 points.
:bulletpurple:Shaded is 1700 points.
:bulletpink:Full-detail (e.g. Fur texture, excessive realism, very complex designs, complex background...) is 2000 points.

+250 points for every additional character in both pieces with backgrounds and without.
+350 points if you would like a speedpaint done of it. This will take longer, and it is somewhat stressful for me because it takes a lot of extra work.

Note: These prices are subject to change, but whatever they are at the time of your order will be what you pay.

My strong points are canines and most felines.
I'll try drawing almost any animal, though.
I'm getting better at chibis, but it's still a work in progress and may take a while.
Humans are very difficult for me, but if you're willing to wait, I'm willing to try.
I'm working on my backgrounds. They're very difficult for me still, so it will take some time should you ask me for one that is detailed, but I will not say no, and I will work my very hardest to give you the best piece that I possibly can.

The more complex the piece, the more vague the request...the longer I will inevitably take. I will never EVER just take your money and run. I will get whatever it is done at some point. But if it is difficult for me, patience will be needed. In those cases, I will likely give you updates as I progress with the piece, both explanatory and visual. DON'T BE AFRAID TO TELL ME TO RE-DO SOMETHING OR DO SOMETHING DIFFERENTLY. If you're paying for it, man, then get what you paid for.
Nevertheless, underneath this box is a less-in-depth look on the progress that I make and all of what I'm working on.

If you want me to do ANYTHING, and I can't stress this enough, I NEED A REFERENCE, AND IT HAS TO BE CLEAR.

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Art in Progress

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A collab with the wonderful candlefox~! :heart:
User - Price at Time of Order - Un/Paid - Current state

:bulletblack: kirinoha - 20pt - Unpaid - Lost contact, on hold.
:bulletblack: kirinoha - 20pt - Unpaid - Lost contact, on hold.
:bulletblack: Dappled-Midnight - 60pt - Paid - Sketching.
:bulletblack: Open
:bulletblack: Open

Art trades:
User - What I'm doing - Current state

:bulletblack:Umiaq - Their donkey/pony oc, Patchwork - Lining.
:bulletblack:DarkmaneTheWerewolf - Lining.
:bulletblack:wipaca - Dewey ON A BALLOOOOON - On hold.
:bulletblack: Open
:bulletblack: Open

User - What I'm doing - Current state

Kyubi-Nick - Celestia and Amaterasu? - Planning I guess

Title - Purpose or who it's for - Current state

:bulletblack:Rainbow Veins - DareWeBelieve - Re-doing.
:bulletblack:Clairvoyant - DareWeBelieve - Trying to line.
:bulletblack:A Reference for my FURSONA DAMMIT - Need to figure out how?? (Temp ref can be found here: )
:bulletblack: A Portrait of Hickorystar - reclusive-foosh - Colouring
:bulletblack: Forever Stuck in our Youth - the whole Ohana - Lining
:bulletblack: This is Gospel - Personal - Shading


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