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Be Fucking Scared by TheHuntingWolf

The idea that you seemed to be attempting to put across did, indeed, come across. Yes, I can see quite a bit of emotion shining through in this piece. Rage...fury...and really a threatening air about the character.
The colours are nice, the scan is very clean, AWESOME clothing folds there, and the lines are lovely.
However, I'm gonna have to rate down a LOT on the anatomy.
With the way that you've shaped the skull, the placement of the eyes and ears makes no sense. They eyes are IN the ears, as you have it.
I suggest references. MANY references.
Also, work on the left arm, the proportions, and the shape of the breasts.
Speaking of the breasts, calm it down a bit there. Even when wearing a bra, they would not be held that high or have that severe of a fold underneath them. Unless you actually fold up your shirt, tucking it in UNDERNEATH your breasts, it should be a bit smoother of a decline. References can solve that quickly, even if you just take pictures of yourself to see how it would work. I, personally, do that a lot.
The hands, also, are a tad bit wonky. Not all too bad, as you've gotten the thumbs correct in this piece, but they could still use a nice, big helping of TLC.
It's a little bit hard to tell which leg is which. They overlap strangely, seem to come together at the knees....and, actually, the left one kinda blends in with the tail a little.
I would simply suggest more defined shading for that; an easy, quick fix.
The mouth is actually pretty okay for the most part, but I would suggest a little work on the bottom lip. I don't think it curves downward as much as you have it going there, even when all contorted into a snarl as it is here.
Work on how the hair falls. While it may curl, it still has mass, and it will hang off of the head a certain way. Not MUCH more than how you already have it, but a little nudge to the side should do.
The words up there, too, could use a little darkening or sharpening. At first, they were a bit hard to read. I understand (and also like) the scratchy kinda unkempt font you were going for, but still, there can be some clarity.
Aaaand, finally, (though this is optional,) when canines are angry or trying to intimidate, to tell another creature to basically, "Back off, this is MY space!!", they will tend to raise their tail AS WELL AS puff it out. You've got the puffin' down pat, but as for the raising...well, it's a little down flat. Instead of curling it around to the side, I'd have it go up and fluff out behind her, even spike out severely. Fills up space AND it makes for more of an impact with relaying your message.
All in all, in general, this is a pretty nice piece. It just has a couple of technical flaws that I would gently request you work on.
All it takes is a few references, be they from deviantART, from Google, or merely from taking pictures of yourself or friends in the poses that you're looking for. So long as you do not trace or copy exactly, I'd say you're all set for success. c:
4 out of 4 deviants thought this was fair.


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